Mira Platinum Swim Spas

Select drills, set durations, intensities and more with the touch of a finger on an interface designed for swimmers.

The Mira Platinum Professional Swim Spa Line come in 5 popular sizes with features tailored to you.

Optional audio systems, rowing equipment and programmable swim coach programming make this line a winner.

This line includes a Lucite® shell and a highly efficient water purification system which ensures clean water every time you workout or swim.

So, whether it’s swim against powerful jets, rowing, soaking, or just relaxing, theonre is a Mira Platinum  swim spa for your size and budget.

Optional Features

  •  (Circ) Circulation Pump
  •  in.Touch System
  •  (STB) Bluetooth Audio with Dock and LED Marine Grade Speakers
  • (STI2) Infinity™ AM/FM / Bluetooth Audio
  •  Blower
  •  Rowing Equipment
  •  Swim Tether

Additional charges may apply

Swim Coach™- Programmable Work-Out System

The perfect balance of art and technology now with an Olympic level training program for swim spas. With its swim spa training program, in.k1000+ can transform any swim spa into the ultimate training machine. Directly on the keypad, training sessions can be customized by setting flow intensities, durations and color indicators. Pre-sets Lap, Transition, Cardio and Power drills can also be selected and customized to match any training needs. in.k1000+ can now control multiple 2 speed pumps and synchronize the jets to create the wide selection of water stream strengths a swimmer needs for serious training.

Select drills, set durations, intensities and more with the touch of a finger on an interface designed for swimmers.

Many parameters can be configured to fit your training habits; warm up, cool down, step time, preparation time and lighting.

You can customize your training session. It’s as easy as dragging your finger on the screen to draw the pattern of your choice and save it under your name.

Pre-Programmed drills

5 pre-programmed drills are readily available for you to choose from. Select the one that fits your training needs. Our Power drill improves your overall swim performance. Selecting transition drill allows you to switch between butterfly, backstroke and breast stroke to improve technique and solicit separate muscles. The Cardio drill is a fast-paced, heart-pumping exercise plan that burns calories and builds muscle. Choosing Lap drill alternates high-intensity periods with low-intensity recovery periods for quick calorie burning. The Endurance drill allows you to concentrate on technique and consistency.

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