Billiards FAQS

Q: What room size do I need for my billiard table?

A: If you are using a standard 58” cue stick, an 8’ billiard table requires 13’4” x 17’, a 7’ billiard table requires 12’11” x 16’2”.

Q: What is the best material for the playing surface?

A: Genuine slate has always been and still is the very best Material for your playing surface. Avoid materials with names that sound like slate, they are inferior and will not play like real slate.

Q: Can I get a billiard table delivered and installed with limited access to my basement?

A: Yes you can depending on the model that you select. There are many models that can be totally disassembled and can be delivered and assembled with very limited access.

Q: Can I move my billiard table once it’s been assembled?

A: This is a job that definitely requires professional handling. If you try moving your billiard table yourself to another location, this can result in serious damage to your billiard table and will void your warranty.

Q: Can I put my billiard table on a carpeted floor?

A: Yes you can, but depending on the thickness of your carpeting and the density of the backing, there is a strong possibility that your billiard table will not settle level. Therefore it will be necessary to have your table “ re-leveled” if this should happen.

Q: How long does it take to assemble a billiard table?

A: A professional installation should only take a few hours depending on the model and how level your floor is.

Q: Can I still get a billiard table in my basement that has support columns?

A: Generally you can put a table in a basement with support columns, but you may have limited space for certain shots, which would require using a shorter cue stick.