Swim Spas

Swim  •  Row  •  Relax  •  365 Days-a-year

Compared to a swimming pool a swim spa requires much less space in your home or garden, yet despite the smaller footprint provides even the strongest swimmer a fantastic swimming experiences all year round.

Ideal for those who want to stay in shape or add water based strengthening or aerobic exercise into their training regime.

PowerActive™ Swim Spas

Perfect for aqua fitness and family fun, the Jacuzzi®PowerActive™ Swim Spa Collection combines the power of a low-impact water workout with the…

PowerPro™ Swim Spas

For the best high-performance swim experience on the market, the Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ Collection Swim Spas combine the best aquatic technology with…

Niagara Pools and Spas is the leading Swim Spa Dealer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with the most installations of Jacuzzi® Swim Spas. 

Jacuzzi® Swim Spas were created to improve the quality of life for you and your family. Use it to swim, stretch, row, relax and enjoy. It’s your own personal gym and pool in one!

Exercise and fun is combined into the same area. Our line of specialized swim spas are an excellent way to exercise and get in shape or just have fun. Swim, jog, walk, and exercise in water without the stress gravity has on your body. Relax with massaging spa jets in the perfect water temperature, year-round.

Our swim spas includes a swim lane for guidance in the water. The rowing kit gets you started with resistance bands and bars so you can start your training circuit right away! It will become your personal underwater gym. Add in the resistance provided by water which is a highly effective exercise while being much gentler on joints for that low impact regiment.

Swim spas can quickly be installed in your yard and require only an electric service. There is not plumbing required to fill of drain your swim spa. They are highly energy efficient and backed by an outstanding warranty.


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