PowerActive™ Swim Spas


Perfect for aqua fitness and family fun, the Jacuzzi® PowerActive™ Swim Spa Collection combines the power of a low-impact water workout with the entertainment of a year-round swimming pool. The PowerActive™ Swim Spa features our PowerPro® Swim Active Flo Jet swim current, perfect for in-place swimming and resistance exercise.

The standard underwater platform comes standard for low-impact jogging and walking that burns just as many calories as dry-land activity – an excellent exercise to manage or prevent joint pain and overuse injuries.

With two distinct hydromassage seats, plus extra room to stretch out and relax, you can enjoy soothing hydrotherapy after every swim or just after a long day. Each ergonomically designed seat has a unique jet configuration for total-body relaxation.

Compatible with the WaterWatch™ for real-time technique feedback, you can truly make this model your own.

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