PowerActive™ 16′ Swim Spa


Powered by two 3 horsepower pumps with two PowerPro® Swim Active Flo jets the Jacuzzi®PowerActive™ 16′ Swim Spa has an interior which has been carefully designed incorporating suction inlets and hips which eliminate the reflective wave which delivers a predictable current of water to deliver a great swim experience.

The adjustable SwimFlex jet system allows you to set the speed of current from 0km/h up to 5km/h ensuring a current that is suitable from beginner through to more experienced swimmers, whilst optional training equipment also offers the possibility for aquatic training.

For those who want to relax or want to enjoy a hydromassage after training, the PowerActive™ 16′ Swim Spa features four ergonomically designed seats including a cool down seat; each features a unique jet configuration with Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jets.

Size Category
Dimensions (cm)
472 x 236 x 135
Jet Technology
PowerPro® Swim Active Flo
Seating Capacity
3 People
PowerPro® Swim Active Flo Jet.The unique oval design flattens the water into a smooth, predicable, non-turbulent swim for the everyday athlete.
Shell Design. Best for Both Swimming and Relaxing. Hips in shell stop reflective wave. Suctions are located at seated end to create conveyor belt effect for water flow.
Swimflex Jet System. Customize Your Current. Produces 3.5mph / 5km/h current. Adjustable current.
ClearRay® UV-C Technology.Instantly clarifies the water. Nature-inspired ultraviolet light to neutralize pathogens in the water. Neutralizes 99.9% of water-borne pathogens
Waterwatch™. The only swim watch made specifically for swim spas. Wear your coach on your wrist, analyze your results, track your performance: caloric output, distance, time, laps, interval times and more Compete against others worldwide. Heart rate tracking with vibration feedback.
Elite Hydromassage. More jets do not equal a better experience, but the right jets do. From the perfect mix of air and water to the careful placement of each exclusive PowerPro® swim jet, we deliver the optimal massage.
Alaskan Safety Cover. Heavy-duty tapered cover that minimizes heat loss, perfect for colder climates.
Solid State Frame. Perfect for installations that are vaulted partially into the ground, the solid state frame provides a sturdy framework for seamlessly integrating into decking or stonework surround.
Aqua Fitness Package (Optional).The addition of this fitness package turns any swim spa into an aquatic universal gym. The resistance bands add another dimension to your workout and can be used anywhere in your swim spa within the exercise or swim tank area. The resistance bands create a full range of motion helping promote muscular development.

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